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A new video playlist I am working on. The Vocaloids one has 9/20 for the Novice ranking. Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I would raise the level of difficult but until then its still on Novice even for these two videos. I love how I found many anime songs today that is compatible with Stepmania.

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The series I am into right now: Vocaloids. It pretty much explains why I play Stepmania with that series’ songs a lot.

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"Any advice on how to be more confident?"

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Stepmania 5 - Vocaloid Mix.

Bare with me. Its the start of the 20 video streak I am doing for Stepmania on the Vocaloid videos on my channel. Just for fun. After the 20 videos, I’ll be doing another difficulty to test my patience and challenge myself. There’s just too many Vocaloid Songs to do them all. If I get anything wrong, do correct my errors. xD

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Merry ChristmHAHs, guys. ♥

seen on Christmas
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[ItsAGamersWorld: The fact that they followed this guy with the same Pokemon amuses me to no end. LOL]


So a group of use over at LOKAA were playing pokemmo (this great mmo for pokemon)


And we found this one kid


his name was CoreyFeldman
and he had a magikarp following him
but he spoke Russian (and a smidge of English)
so we thought it would be fun to follow him around
just as a…

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My first time playing into PokeMMO — the Pokemon based MMO I’ve found a few days back. Brings back memories AND it’s multiplayer. This is a video I made of the highlights of the game. But do skip to the time length of 3:11 for the gameplay, footage and the highlights of the first night playing if interested.

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The current MMO I’ve been playing next to the Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons MMO game.

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I’m so excited for this game! :D

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